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  • Floris Duo
    Knuckle, Knee and Elbow Eraser This Exfoliating Pigment Erasing solution is for used for whitening dark pigmentations on Knuckles, Feet, Knees and Elbow. The serum hydrates while the lotion exfoliates peels off rough/tough layers of the skin..giving you a radiant glowing skin. Best for all skin type.

    DIRECTION FOR USE: - Apply the bigger bottle lotion with cotton wool or brush on dark spots on ur hands or feet, wait a couple of minutes till it is absorbed and then moisturise your hands with the serum. Do this once a day till you start to peel (micro peel),stop using the lotion to avoid PIH (Post Inflammatory pigmentation) then start using the GS lite hands or GS lite feet, massage your whole hands or feet, depending on treated area.